Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bacon Class!!

So for anyone who has ordered, or will be ordering pork from us (email at on how to get in on 1/2 pigs), we have a super special offer!

Erika Tebbens, blogger for the From Scratch Club, her own buisness Little Sparrow Farm, AND her own gardening/homesteading/general awesomeness blog is going to be teaching a FREE class for R'Eisen Shine pork customers on how to Make Your Own Bacon in the fall!

So, when you order pork, you won't have to send our your bacon to be smoked by the butcher, saving you money and allowing you to learn a really delicious skill with our own ethically grown, heritage pork!

How cool is that?

Erika will also be bringing her first season greens and edible flowers to Fifty South Restaurant in Saratoga Springs, and also grows some supremely delicious honey. We'll let you know where she ends up selling her products at market as soon as we can.

Erika isn't just a great teacher, super-mom and engaging writer- she's also a dear friend and first year farmer. We can speak to her excellence and experience with tons of confidence. This is going to be a great class and she is on to do wonderful things with her own agricultural endeavors.

We haven't made our own bacon before, so this will be a new skill to everyone- and we can't wait! The dates for the class will depend on when the pork ends up going to the butcher, so we will announce the date a bit later in the season. But in the meantime, think delicious bacon thoughts.

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