Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of spring!

Today, by the calendar is the first day of spring. It's been spring here on the farm for a few weeks though, really. There are already several trays of seedlings started in the greenhouse, and the first batch of meat chicks is growing steadily in the barn. We've been recruiting for our CSA for months now, and it's getting down to the wire! We are planning trips to go get the rest of our horse equipment (and scheduling the deliveries of the stuff we bought with the team). We're going to pick up more rabbits in a few days, and we've got 6,000 lbs of feed on order for delivery in two weeks.

The weather outside is still snowy, slushy and icy from yesterday's storm, and it doesn't look like spring. But every aspect of our farm is screaming spring- because it's not all about the green grass and sun shining. It's about preparing for growth. It's about setting up all the infrastructure, interviewing interns, ordering supplies, and sowing seeds. It's practicing with your horse driving team.

It's making tough decisions. We bought a new car, a subaru- for farm errands and some smaller deliveries. But we decided this morning that we also need to fix the truck. We were planning to sell it, but with the subaru on hold hours away (hold up at the DMV and our mechanic friend is working on getting the title straightened out), we absolutely have to get a vehicle ready to roll. We have piglets to pick up, chicken tractor supplies to buy... so we have to tighten the belts again (which I think at this point involves making new holes on the belts) and get it done. We're also taking a big leap in Kim leaving her off-farm job- because we know that the only way to grow the business to commit to more customers, which means we need more staff.

Some people are afraid of the weather in colder seasons, or find Halloween spooky. But it's spring that keeps me up at night. It's not fear though, it's like little kid Christmas eve jitters- it's the pressure of planning for a season. Ok, maybe it's a little fear. But I've always performed best under pressure, so bring it on Spring.

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