Sunday, March 17, 2013

Full Time

So, it's official- we've hired another full-time farmer here at R'Eisen Shine!

And her name is.... KIM! That's right! We are so excited to announce that Kim will be joining me full time on the farm starting in April. We're expanding quite a bit next year, adding pigs, working the horses- taking on more shares- and I was stretched pretty thin last year. Plus, our intention was always to work together on the farm. It will be tight, budget wise- but we are very excited to both be working here and growing food together.

We have been working tirelessly to get everything lined up for this big transition- and much of it has been the gritty business stuff that makes for a boring post about taxes, insurance etc. So instead, we've been making a list of personal things we feel are really needed for a summer on a farm, and thought we'd share in case any of you are starting a season or need reminders.

1) Headphones that fit your ears and don't fall out. Music, podcasts, audiobooks- all of these things can help keep your mind busy when you are looking at 10-12 hours of weeding. Even the most dedicated farmer needs something else going on to help keep those hands moving.

2) Sunglasses, and if your a dork like me- that means they need to have a strap to keep them in place while you are bending, lifting, moving etc. I get slick with sweat (gross I know) and need a strap to keep my sunglasses in place.

3) Light colored tee-shirts/clothing. It really, really helps to wear light colors on the farm.

4) Pocket multitool. Mine broke last year, so it's time for a new one- I use it at least 10 times per day- popping bail strings, clipping plants, opening feed bags- tightening screws on equipment- it's a must have.

5) Sunscreen. lots of it. also, bug spray. We make our bug spray own using essential oils (if you want a recipe, email me).

6) Thermos that keep the heat out of your hydration of choice.

7) Light colored hats

8) New boots. Mine are leaking (sigh) and a good pair of boots in spring farm mud is a necessity. If you work with livestock, I recommend Muck books brand- they stand up for a good long time and are pretty comfy.

9) Nyoprene dipped gloves- these are by far, the best gloves in my opinion for farming. Cheap, light enough to wear all year and pretty water resistant. They're not so bulky you can't do some delicate work, but hold up well when your hauling wood or handling tools all day.

There's more, but that's the short list of things to keep you healthy and comfortable while headed into a long season.

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