Monday, March 4, 2013


As  mentioned in my brief post last night, things are in full swing here already. Though it's not until next week, it feels like we've already set the clocks ahead. This is a challenging time of year because we are balancing budgets, time, and office work with outdoor preparations.

The first batch of meat birds arrived on Thursday night. They arrived ahead of schedule so Kim's cousin and her kids went to grab them from the post office for us. They are doing well, and we acquired some new laying hens from Tractor Supply so there are tiny little black beaks among the sea of golden brown Freedom Rangers.

I am still without a car- but we bought a subaru from Kim's sister's boyfriend Will and he is graciously making some repairs before it heads over this way. We will still need to get a cargo van- but while we are looking for the right fit for a good price the subaru will do the trick! We are SO grateful to have two working vehicles, thank goodness for Will.

The first order of seeds has arrived! So I've started sorting them into planting dates, and creating a spreadsheet for our seed starting schedule. We're managing keeping the 2012 CSA members in greenhouse greens while getting everything ready for the 2013 season- so a spreadsheet is a must. I started building shelves in the greenhouse today to make some more space for the number of plants we need. It's going to be a trick to keep everything organized- but we're determined!

We have three litters of rabbits, but we need more does! We're partnering with some other area farms to provide a meat share for folks that our friends over at Common Hand's farm provide a veggie share for. Our job is to provide the pork and rabbit, so we are actively planning more cage space and working to set up moveable pens for the litters of kits over the summer time. We've also been talking to our friends at a local restaurant about adding rabbit to their menu, so we need to plan ahead for that too.

We've found our piglets! We have 9 Duroc/Old Spot crosses on hold for us at a farm north of here. We will be picking them up in late April and raising them for our September slaughter date, which we are still waiting for a confirmation on. There's much to do to prepare for their arrival, but I'll probably put it off until we get a little closer to the time when they are coming because there is so much else to be done.

We had a load of hay and a load of wood delivered, so everyone on the farm is safe from the chilly airs for a few more weeks. The hay we get from Kim's dad is in short supply, so we found a local provider who brought us about 40 bales this afternoon and they're stacked for the month. We have a dumpster coming later this week to clear out the rest of the hay loft, which will mean we can store 80+ and worry less often about hay arriving. The mess up in the loft was here long before our time, and I'm relieved to finally be cleaning it out. And while the dumpster is here, the garage will be getting a good once over too.

All of this has been coming together in the past 4 days, plus some things that are either terribly boring, or not finalized yet so we're not prepared to talk about them. It's so hectic, but it's just the way I like it- all of the promise and the planning... it's so addicting. You can see all of the potential and though I know our plans will change 30 or 40 times...a day... I love this feeling. Even with the spreadsheets and phone calls and the haggling- it's the potential, the promise and the hope.

Now, I've got to try and catch up the house cleaning things, a birthday party yesterday has left the farm house in a bit of disarray... ok- a lot of disarray.

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