Friday, March 8, 2013

Unexpected Snow Day

All day yesterday, snow in big wet flakes fell from the clouds and it was wet enough for the truck delivering the dumpster for spring clean out got stuck in the driveway by the barn. It sunk down deep enough where I had to use a bale of hay to prop the wheels in thick spring mud. I worked outside for a bit, but spent most of the day sorting receipts and organizing for our farm tax meeting today.

Later last night, we checked the weather and there was a prediction of 6-8 inches- no big deal. Some inconvenience in the morning, extra time for chores. Today was intended to be a big one. At 9 we had a meeting with fellow farmers to plan for a collaborative meat share to be delivered further south of us. Then back to the farm for chores and gathering up the last of our supplies for taxes. Kim had an appointment she needed to be at 1, then at 3:30, our tax appointment. Busy, and productive.

This morning, I opened the door to 12 inches of snow with continuous falling flakes mounting the heights. So we cancelled the breakfast meeting, made some calls about purchasing piglets (10 secured for early april) and butchering (late august/early september) and are now looking out at the falling snow from inside.The plow truck hasn't cleared our road yet- and our driveway is buried. This is by far the most snow we've seen this season, and I'm grateful that I stacked wood earlier this week. We control nothing really- we are always at the whims of nature.

We planned for a busy business day, now we need to reorganize our plans and see what is still feasible. I'm at least hoping for the tax preparation. It was a beast to get everything organized yesterday, I certainly learned what we need to do better next year to make the process easier. Today, winter is the uninvited house guest, eating all the good snacks and finishing the cereal milk. You still love her, but she's really overstaying her welcome.

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