Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 Reasons to Buy a R'Eisen Shine Farm CSA share

yep, we're biased, but we still think it's a pretty good list. And we're about to start the intensity of the growing season, so we need you to sign up now- so we can focus on the farming!!

10. Your health. We don't use harsh chemicals, fertilizers, genetically modified feeds or seeds. You won't find veggies coated in wax or meats tainted with arsenic. It's much better to each fresh food then processed foods and easy to get your daily requirements with a CSA share.

9. The TASTE. Fresh food just tastes better. Plus, we go above and beyond just growing good, fresh veggies. We find the best heirloom seeds, and heritage meats to get you that depth of flavor missing on grocery store shelves. The variety and diversity we provide will make cooking easier, and we promise you will notice the difference.

8. Payment Plans and Price. Most CSA farms ask you to front the entire cost up front, or in larger lump sums. While we do require a deposit to off-set our pre-season costs, we also allow for monthly and weekly payments throughout the season. This helps keep your budget on track, and keep our food available to more people. Plus, by joining our CSA, you save money. Many of our products would sell for double at a farmer's market or in the grocery store. But because we sell through a CSA model directly to customers, we can keep our prices lower. A great example is delicious heirloom tomatoes. In the summer time, they sell for $6/lb some places!! During our peak production last year, we were giving out 4lbs per customer, for several weeks in a row. That's nearly the entire cost of a weekly individual share, just in tomatoes.

7. Caring for the environment. Let's face it- the planet can only handle so much, and she's getting angry. As farmers, we see ourselves as shepards of the land. We do our best to upcycle old materials, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels (Draft horse power!), and overall maintain the health of our environment. We even make most of our deliveries in a hybrid car.

6. Did someone say Draft Horses? yep, we use draft horses. Why should you care? Well, it makes for a good read on our blog, and some mighty fine photos. But it's also about preserving the history of agriculture, and important skills that could be lost to time. We really value our relationships with animals, those we raise for food, and those we depend on for work. Every member of our farm has their place, and we think that's pretty cool.

5. Convenient Delivery. We deliver to Albany, and you can pick up right on our farm. We know that many people have busy schedules, so our drop off is a full three hours. AND we deliver to a bakery, so you can be sure to get a good hot cup of coffee and a snack while you get your farm share. Not too shabby.

4. Wholeshare. We facilitate a buying club through a program called wholeshare. This gets you much cheaper prices for NYS products. Many of these products can be bought in bulk. You buy your items conveniently online, and then we deliver them during our regular CSA drop off.

3. Choice. Every week, we send out a survey with what products are available from the farm. Then, you mark what you want. In the summer months, when we're rolling in produce- we even have a ranking system so you can get more of the things you can't eat enough of. Hate squash but love broccoli? We'll give you more of what you want.

2. Open-door policy. We try to always be available for questions on what we're growing, and how. We are happy to answer questions and give farm tours! When you believe in what you're doing, it makes it really fun to show folks around. Though we do ask for a head's up on when you're coming so we can be available, we also provide opportunities throughout the year to join us on farm. We also provide dozens of recipes through our blog and email lists to help you make the most of your share.

1. Supporting local farmers MATTERS. We all get to vote about food three times a day. It's good to support small, young, local farmers. We put more money back into the economy then many other businesses, and supporting us ensures that another generation of farmers will be around. The average age of a US farmer is somewhere around 57. No farms means No food. So support a small local farm and feel good about it!

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