Sunday, April 7, 2013

A blustery day

The wind here has been epic today. It's always windy here on Under Mountain Road, but today was extra. 
We finished building a chicken tractor, which is our outside housing for our meat birds. We like them to be able to lead regular chicken lives, eating grass and bugs but still be protected from predators. It's made of PVC pipe and chicken wire, with smaller mesh along the bottom for added protection. The whole top is covered with tarp material to protect from the elements. We move the tractor daily to fresh pasture, so it's made to be pretty light. Fighting the tarp and the light piping was a trick in the wind today....we had plans to move all of the first round of birds out to the field today from the barn. With the wind, however, it would have been like a chicken para-sail. 

After finishing the chicken accommodations, we checked the electric fencing around the horse pasture. The wind knocked out one of the lines and the horses were eyeing it, anxious to get to work and to the "greener" pasture. We mended the electric line, tying another length to patch the hole. Nataya lurked, creeping closer and closer. At one point we had the highest line (high contrast white electric line) down, and you could see the gears working in her sneaky brain. Luckily, they are both really well behaved and they didn't act on their thoughts. 

We're giving ourselves the afternoon and evening off. We rented the second season of Game of Thrones from the library, and that's our big plans for the rest of this Sunday. It's a pretty excellent show, full of warring kingdoms and dragons. Right up our alley!

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