Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get outta here COLD!

Winter that is.

Being cold, wearing sweaters, running the wood stove constantly. I'M OVER IT!

We planted a million seeds this morning: Cabbage, Leeks, Celery, Kale, Summer Squashes, Broccoli. All kinds of delicious spring and summer time veggies. The greenhouse was balmy, with the sunshine throwing us a bone and warming the place right up. It was all a deception! One step outside of that puppy and it was 30 degrees. No, seriously, 30 degrees. Frigid and awful and cold. yuck.

Ok, ok. It's not all that bad. It's definitely not winter time still, I'm clearly being a grouch about this. But I maintain that if it's going to be sunny in April, it should at least not require me to wear SNOW PANTS to do chores. I'm just saying.

We're working on busting our butts to get the chickens and rabbits out onto pasture this week, with the promise of seasonally warm temperatures through the weekend. We ran to the hardware store in our Toyota Prius to get some supplies, since we're waiting on our truck to get fixed and inspected at the mechanic. In case you're wondering, 8 ft wood planks DO fit in the car, but you've gotta watch your elbows while driving (I learned the hard way). We also got two new rabbit does from our neighbor Ed, who has a rabbitry down the road. Ejay mentioned them on the Facebook page, but we named one Pippi (Longstocking, of course)for her red fur, and the other Nancy (Reagan), sticking with the First Ladies theme. They are settling in nicely here.

We also went out into our local surrounding communities to flier and give out brochures about our CSA. We still have shares available, and we're doing some grass roots marketing outside of our internet bubble to try to engage with our neighbors about our products. If you know anyone looking to sign up for a CSA, we'd be grateful if you'd pass along our information!

Think warm thoughts friends, I know I am!!

- Kim

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