Friday, April 12, 2013

NEW: Meat Shares Available- For Local, Albany, and Montgomery (Orange County) region Delivery customers

We've been collaborating with our friends at Mountain Brook Farm to create a meat-share for the summer season. Note: Most of these shares were intended to be sold only through our vegetable CSA farmer colleagues, who don't have these products themselves, that's why these shares haven't been offered before.

However, we've found ourselves with some shares left over, and with the season fast approaching we are now offering them to customers who would like to pick up on our farm, downstate in Orange County or from us in Albany.

About R'Eisen Shine Chicken, Rabbit and Pork:

We believe that our livestock program grows both delicious and ethical meats. We both spent many years as vegetarians, so we try to integrate the most compassionate care for all of our animal partners.We raise our livestock with the utmost respect, and provide only non-gmo feeds. We pasture raise our animals, giving great flavor to the meats and keeping our animals happy and healthy. This will be our first year on this farm raising pigs, but have raised them at several other farms.

Here are a couple of blog posts explaining in more detail about our livestock methods:

About Pastured Beef from Mountain Brook Farm

The steaks, roasts, and ground beef included in the Meat Share are from Angus cattle raised mostly on fresh grass and hay with plenty of room to roam and ruminate. When the time comes, the animals
are brought to a USDA-certified, Animal Welfare Approved slaughterhouse.

For Albany, Local and Orange County (Montgomery area) customers:

We are offering a monthly meat-share, from June-October for Albany, Local and Orange County Customers

Albany deliveries will occur once a month during our regular drop-off at All Good Bakers on Delaware, on Saturdays, from 9-12. We will announce which Saturday at least 2 weeks in advance of pick up.

The Orange County delivery will be at the Orange County Farmers Museum in Montgomery, NY from 9-11:30 for both the bi-weekly and the monthly shares.

What's included:

5lbs Steaks, Roasts
5lbs Ground Beef
10 lbs Pork (variety of cuts)
3 Chickens
1 Rabbit

Sample Monthly Delivery:
1 whole chicken (4lbs)
1 lb. ground beef
1 to 2 lbs. ham.
The contents of each delivery will vary but will typically include 7 to 8 lbs. of meat.

Total cost: $315 (a real bargain!!) 

To order this share, please contact us via email ( and we will send you the order form and the beautiful fully detailed brochure. Unfortunately, the blogger application won't allow us to load it here.

For customers who pick up at R'Eisen Shine Farm AND folks near Montgomery NY:

You can order the above monthly share (again, contact us for the order form), or we also have a bi-weekly option.

Bi-weekly Meat Share (June-October) LOCAL/Orange County PICK UP ONLY 

What's included:
10 lbs steaks, roasts
10lbs Ground Beef
20lbs Pork (variety of cuts)
7 Chickens
2 Rabbits

Sample Bi-weekly Share:
1 whole chicken (4lbs)
1 lb. ground beef
1 to 2 lbs. ham.
The contents of each pick up will vary but will typically include 7 to 8 lbs. of meat twice a month.

Total cost: $630

** Don't forget that our regular year-round shares include chicken, rabbit, a Thanksgiving turkey, veggies and more in our pricing!! Plus we have smaller payments available for our year-round programs.

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