Friday, April 19, 2013

news overdose

We don't have cable here, or any network tv. We have a television, but it's for netflix and hulu plus. So we get our news from the radio, which is usually running in the morning, or in the car, or sometimes while making dinner- or via the internet.

There is no doubt that this week has been a scary one, particularly for folks near or in Boston. But it can be overwhelming to let yourself drown in the news coverage. Be informed, be aware, but also be cautious. Turn it off for a bit. Go outside, because you can- because unless you've been told to stay indoors we live in a much safer place then much of the world. I know that it feels like if you follow every step of the news, somehow, that will make it easier to understand.

it won't. you can't rationalize the irrational behavior of others, particularly in violence. So send good thoughts, check on loved ones and turn off the t.v. I promise it will help.

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