Friday, April 26, 2013



That is what two adolescent goats are on a spring day. Trouble.

We built Fiona and Noel a new pen today; one that has a linea for outdoor dining and a custom door. We had them cooped up in the barn while we ran the fencing outside, which was a breeze. We then set to cutting a small door out the back side of the barn so that they would have access to their pen indoors and the pen outdoors. As soon as we cut the barn siding we were met with two small noses. Then two small heads. Then a pair of shoulders and the two goats came spilling out of the freshly made hole.

This was fine. Totally fine. Until they decided that they needed to eat chicken grain from the layer pen. They let themselves into the coop adjacent to their new pen and helped themselves to the chicken grain buffet. ALL YOU CAN EAT!

We herded them out of the coop and back onto the side yard where we were working. A few minutes later I heard Fiona bleating from a few feet away. In an effort to gain further access to the chicken grain, she had gotten her head stuck in the fencing. No big deal, she wasn't hurt and her head fit through just fine, but she was definitely stuck. This did not deter her in her quest for more grain, however, as she did that a few more times over the course of the afternoon.

We finished the fencing and the new door and we went in to have lunch. When we came back out we had decided to work with the horses for a little while doing some ground work. No sooner did we get the lead lines out and almost into the horse field when we heard two tiny goats chasing us into the field. I took them back to the barn and fed them in their new pen outside and headed back to the horse field. We got a good 15 minutes in before we turned around and saw two tiny goats headed our way. At this point we gave up and tied the horses to their hitching post and lead the ladies back to the barn (are you seeing a theme?).  We put them back in the barn and went to tend to the horses for a few more minutes. At one point I'm pretty sure I yelled to Ejay "Who's idea was it to get goats? I'll have his head on a plate!"

After evening chores we reinforced the fence we had just put up and gave it another go. IT HELD! (I'm knocking on wood right now).

They're enjoying their dinner al fresco this evening as all good goats should. Or terrible goats, either way. :)

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  1. I LOVE my goats - but it was certainly trial and error to get them kept in their pen. Now if only I could figure out how to keep them out of the chicken feed......