Friday, May 3, 2013

Catch up!

We're a little behind schedule, though we've set an ambitious schedule so it's not something unexpected. But part of the schedule has been held back due to some pony antics. The team has some kinks, some kinks we didn't plan on. We expected that building a relationship would take time, and we figured that in 3 hours, we would have days we would only get 30 or 45 minutes of good work. But, as it turns out, it's a bit more complicated then that. We haven't been successful in our plowing efforts. We've had day after day of very little success on much of anything. It's a disappointment, and we are looking at what our next steps need to be.

We love the girls, and we love working horses, and this set back won't phase us from continuing to run our farm on horse power. But, we've got to get the field plowed and plants in the ground. We can't have another summer like the last one, where we couldn't catch up with the season. So we're working out an alternate strategy and will get all of our crops in on time, come hell or stubborn pony.

The weather is persistently dry, so we're working on continuing to update our irrigation system, and adding to it to make for less time spent keeping the plants hydrated. We won't be submitting to what looks like it could be another very hot and dry season.

Farming is like this. It's equal parts success, and equal part near or complete heartbreak. It can make you feel alive and like you're going to throw up all at the same time. I think maybe farmers have a little bit of an adrenaline junky side to them. Otherwise, I'm not sure you could survive the thrill ride.

Still, I feel so lucky to spend my days next to my wife. It's a privilege to work together, and to grow our little life and dream.

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