Thursday, May 16, 2013

Great Grilling!

We are grilling people. Given the option we will grill just about anything, not only because it is delicious and makes us feel that special summer time feeling, but also because it makes less dishes :)

But we also are into grilling because it's pretty special for us to step out the door and just be outside without the pressure to be working or having to tend to anything. It's a moment to really just relax, drink a beverage (adult or otherwise) and just be.

Making the grilling experience even more awesome is getting to grow the food that goes on that grill. I wasn't always drawn to farming in the same way that Ejay was. I grew up in a farming community in a house where we made hay every summer, so the allure wasn't so mysterious. When I left for college and my own life, I discovered that I didn't have the stomach to eat meat, mostly because of the books I had read and the people who I met that had such passion for vegetarianism. I literally read Fast Food Nation and became a vegetarian the next day.

Now admittedly, I was the worst vegetarian of all time. I have always been pretty bad about food in general, substituting ramen noodles for most meals or eating some tortilla chips with cheese as dinner (ask anyone who knows, I'm into snacks as meals). I was pretty much existing on microwaved Boca burgers and cheese.

But when I met Ejay and we started dating, I really started to think about what I was putting into my person. Ejay's passion for food is infectious (he's just that person), and I started to realize that what I was buying and fueling myself with was not only affecting my health but that I was making a lot of the choices with my dollar that I was trying to avoid by being a vegetarian. Not contributing to a food system that was mistreating animals and the people who were raising them was important to me and I had discovered that, for me, growing that food (meat included) wasn't just an economical choice, it was an ethical one.

I'm really excited to be growing good, sustainable meat and veggies for people who are on their own food journey but also for people who just want to eat food that tastes amazing.

Whether you're a member of our CSA or you're supporting small farms by shopping at a farmers market, you're making a choice to help sustain an alternative to the factory farms and big agriculture. Folks who do that are equally as inspiring to me as the folks I know who are still so passionate about vegetarianism/veganism. Thinking about what goes in your body and on your grill is admirable and delicious!

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