Thursday, May 9, 2013

It rained! And we planted! And it was good!

That's pretty much today in a nutshell. It rained which was amazing. Yesterday it was threatening to break, with the weather app on my phone teasing me with its 90% chance of rain.....with a dry sky. But this morning  it finally opened up! We were out in the field planting some lettuces, arugula, spinach, cauliflower and cabbage. We had also finished the onion patch and gotten in some more radishes when it started to sprinkle. We headed to the greenhouse to finish up the "first leg" of the day when it really truly started to rain. It was excellent.

We worked in the greenhouse for the rest of the morning and then broke for lunch. And it just kept coming! it rained until almost 4 this afternoon and it still looks like it might some more. GLORIOUS.

We've got a lot more planting to do, but it feels pretty good to be on track with our schedule. With the dry weather it was hard to get anything in the ground, especially when it was practically dust in the vegetable field.

The day before we got in 2/3rds of the onions with some help from my Aunt Pam. We've mentioned Aunt Pam and Uncle Bob before here, they are super amazing and thoughtful so it was no surprise that Pam brought over a huge pot of chili and cornbread for us on top of coming to help us out for the day. It was delicious and very much appreciated!

Keep thinking thoughts of rain for the long term forecast so we can keep plugging away with our spring veggies.

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