Friday, May 24, 2013

PayPal Special!

So!! The farm is at that time of the year where we are crazy crazy busy. Each day is sun up to sun down planting, tending, weeding, growing, feeding watering... Which means there is much less time for the business end of things.

We've decided to run a very exciting special for those of you who are NOT CSA members (though CSA members, by all means if you want to buy in to these extra products, you can but don't forget that much of this is already included in your regular shares). We have a little bit of meat that we are selling, at a very reasonable price to anyone willing to pay via paypal during the promotional period.

We have rabbit, chicken and a reduced-price pork deposit (though the price per lb remains the same, see this link for details on how our pork works) available.

How it works:

We have a limited number of delicious chickens and rabbits for sale.

The prices are a flat rate for this promotion. Chickens are $25/bird (about 4-5lbs of heritage, sustainable, fresh, pastured delicacy) and rabbits are $27/ea (pastured, hertitage crossed, fresh, sustainable speciality, approx 3 lbs).

You email us with how many you'd like to order, and we send you an invoice via paypal based on availability. You send your payment in then we deliver your meat during our first CSA delivery of the year in Albany (June 15th) at All Good Bakers or you can pick up on farm during that same week.

These won't last and are in limited supply- so first payments, first served. The last day to take us up on this is Wednesday, May 29th or until sold out if sooner then that date. Any questions, feel free to email us at!

For our pork, we usually require a deposit of $250 per 1/2 pig. We will lower the deposit to $200 if you pay  by paypal before Wedensday, May 29th. Don't forget to review how our pork works by checking out this link. 

Thanks for helping spread the word and keeping this little farm running strong!

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