Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Right Now

Right Now the farm is:

chasing piglets
chasing goat kids
fixing fences
5 am alarms
8:30pm dinners
watering the greenhouse
planting onions
refreshing the weather feed page
starting seedling
feeding baby chicks
feeding mid-size chicks
feeding-near-butcher-size chickens
recruiting members
refreshing the weather, again
fixing the fences, again
fretting the budget
running out for supplies
forgetting to eat lunch
sunburned skin
more bug spray
difficult ponies, and revisiting options
refreshing the weather, again
planning irrigation
pumping water from the spring
filling livestock watering buckets
filling livestock watering buckets again
fretting the budget, again
recruiting members
being grateful
being sleep deprived
being determined
running out for more supplies
reading about bees
forgetting to eat lunch, again
folding 3 weeks worth of laundry
setting up guest rooms for the intern
hoeing dry ground for onions
planting potatoes
placing turkey orders
falling into bed
loving every minute
hating every minute
back to loving every minute

it's a little busy.

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