Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shiny new toys

We don't often get brand new things around here. We get "new to us" things, which is excellent since we love recycling and re-purposing. But when we are able and willing to spend money on something new, it's pretty awesome.

Our computer died yesterday morning. We had gotten a laptop from our great friends Carrie and Sascha and it was working famously until yesterday. Realizing that we can't really do much in the way of running our business without one, we started researching on the interwebs for something that was affordable and had good reviews. Ejay is much more of a technophile than I am, but we both agreed that something small and portable was the way to go.  We made the decision to go to Best Buy to get something that would do the trick.

We made that decision by around 6:45am.

I headed out around 8:30, thinking I'd make it to the store by 9:15 maybe 9:30 and be good to go.....

As it turns out, malls don't open til 10am. It turns out, when you basically live in the 1890's (minus the laptop and iphone....?), people don't get up at dawn.

So I waited.

We got a Chrome Book, for those who are curious. We do most of our business stuff on Google Drive, so it made sense to us. Also it's silver and small and pretty, which are obviously important to me. :)

While I ran this errand (and snagged an ice cream cone on the way home) Ejay and James were home building chicken accommodations.  Another surprise waiting for me at home - our new vacuum! It was a day filled with useful tools and good news for sure.

Later in the afternoon, we tested our irrigation - I have never seen anything more glorious than a sprinkler watering my greens and peas without me being there with a bucket and a prayer. With a few adjustments and some more pipe we will really be in business.

Today - We plant and plant and plant and plant. And then plant some more!

p.s. - If you want in on these delicious veggies we're planting and meat that we're raising, we still have a few shares left. We have a variety of options to fit everyone's needs - a meat only share, a bi-weekly pick up on farm, our weekly year round share. Shoot us an email if you have any questions!

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