Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Square Dance!

Much bustle is happening about the farm, and we have had some rough weather. But right now, let's talk about squares.

Well, not just squares, but squares (us) dancing in squares. We had an amazing time! Our draft horse club hosted a pot luck dinner last Saturday night followed by a great fiddle band and beginner style square dance.
We took the family van along with James, Kim's mom and brother, Geoffrey and headed down to the festivities.

The draft horse club is a fine bunch of people. Everyone asked about our progress with our current team and what's been going on with our farm. Then we piled our plates to the ceiling with delicious food and dug in. These people know how to throw a pot luck, that's for sure. We all ate until our eyeballs nearly popped, including helpings of desserts (yep, multiple ones).

Once the music started, it was hard not to join in. I tend to be a little stand-offish in larger group settings, but soon hit floor, much to the chuckling delight of my brother-in-law. Thanks to the help of a good caller and friendly co-participants, we caught on quickly. As it turns out, square dancing is just fun. James joined right in too and was quite the hit with the entire group. We danced for a few hours before getting back into the van home, still full and exhausted.

I think there is a reason that farmers have enjoyed a good square dance. We don't always get a chance to socialize, the demands of farm life often keep us close to home and at work for longer hours then most. But many farmers still enjoy a good meal. And a group dance- though not usually something I'd think I'd really like- was a great relief from long hours. No pressure to make small talk, or talk shop. No pressure on image- everyone looks pretty silly do-see-doing. Just spending time in the company of others after sharing a meal.

So honor your partner, and honor your corner!

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