Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Watching the Sky

Well, the field is plowed. We are grateful. It didn't happen the way that we planned, or intended, but it's done now. Soon we will write more about our next steps, and our plans for future field work. But the field is prepared for plants in that the sod is broken, exposing rocky but ready soil beneath.

But it's dry. So dry. We've been updating our irrigation system from last year. And we spend a lot of time looking at the sky for a sign of clouds to bring water other than through our outside intervention. Today there was a brief reprieve, a solid shower, but we could use a good inch or two. It feels all too familiar from last year, and I think we have a little drought PTSD. But we are trying to learn our lessons well, and plan for the worst before we really have stunted or burned crops.

The sky can tell you a lot of things, if you care to look at it. We're pretty good at telling what time it is, what predators are near by, if we need to watch for storms. I think about the view that other folks have in their skies. Building lines, mountains, deserts... I wonder how many people stop to look and see what they can glean. I'm not sure that it's all about always looking forward, or reviewing behind. There is something to be said to look above and search for rain, even if you know it's not likely to come.

I'm not a religious man, though I was raised to grow up as one. I don't think that my sky searching is some kind of metaphor, or internal struggle. I think it's just about pulling my head from the dirt for a moment.

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