Monday, June 3, 2013

First pesto of the year!

We don't quite have basil ready for picking yet, but after a walk though the vegetable patch we discovered some of the greens had bolted a bit in the hot, hot sun of last week. We had a bit of spinach and some sai sai leaf radishes that weren't going to pull through to the first CSA delivery, so we clipped them and brought them inside. We walked along the rows, taking note of what needed to be weeded, tended or replanted. The extreme temps and the thunderstorms have battered some of the smaller seedlings, so we have some replantings to do, while other things have thrived. The potatoes, for example have shot up enormously and the garlic is reaching for the sun. The onions are happy, and the cauliflower is looking good. We have a lot of work to do, including tending some of the hierloom cukes who didn't pull through and now much be restarted. 

Tomorrow we're headed to the neighbors to help him sheer his sheep, in return for borrowing his clippers to do our own small flock. Then we'll head right back out into the field, transplanting more tomatoes, peppers, melons etc- staggered to keep a steady supply.

With bolted greens in hand, we headed back down to the house to start dinner. Not ones to waste, I've whipped up a quick pesto with them, sweetened with walnuts and olive oil. I'll toss it with pasta and salad shrimp it makes a fine late spring meal. Pesto doesn't always need to be basil, tart and spicy greens with the same fixings make a nice sauce, and helps us to use what plants couldn't hack the temperature changes. Tonight it's back down to 42, and I'm routing for some nice blue skies without the humid fever- not because I don't like it, but because the plants need a little reliability. We'll do what we can to help them grow strong whatever the weather, and eat the spoils. 

It's June, summer is here for overnight visits and soon she'll settle in to stay. I'm counting the days to strawberries... 

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