Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What have we been up to?

The better question is what HAVEN'T we been up to!

It's been a busy week here at the farm. On top of all of the regular stuff (feeding animals, weeding the vegetables, planting more later season crops etc.), we processed 90 chickens this weekend, attended a farm to chef dinner at All Good Bakers and celebrated by youngest sisters' high school graduation. It's been a whirlwind!

On Wednesday of last week, we were asked to attend Nick and Britin's Farm to Chef dinner at All Good Bakers. They've started doing a prixe fix menu on Wednesday nights (with two dinner services at 6 and 8), where the dishes feature ingredients from local farms. We provided pasture raised chicken for Wednesday's dinner, which Nick smoked and served with some of our braising greens and pickled radishes and turnips. It was so delicious! We also had tempura garlic scapes with chorizo, a wonderful salad and delicious strawberry lemon basil sorbet for dessert. All local and fresh ingredients, it was amazing! We also had the opportunity to eat with the 6pm sitting and chat with the 8pm sitting and share a little bit about our operation and the way the chicken was raised. It's always a good opportunity for us to be able to share what goes into growing the food that folks eat and to be able to answer any questions about our practices. If you're interested in signing up for their Wednesday dinner service, get in touch with All Good Bakers on facebook or by emailing allgoodbakers@gmail.com.

On Thursday, Ejay and I processed 45 chickens. I'll spare you the details on this, but it was a long day.

Friday we prepped our CSA delivery, picking greens, scapes and radishes, washing eggs and packing up the car. We had to make sure everything was in order for the morning. Friday evening my older sister and her boyfriend came to stay at the farm overnight, so we picked them up at the train station, stopped for ice cream (before dinner!), then had pizza and beer with them. It was a nice evening, but we headed to bed soon after we ate. We were all heading to my sisters graduation in the morning.

Saturday morning saw us up at 4am, getting some coffee in and packing up the shares. We were fortunate enough to have a volunteer take the shares to Albany so that we could go to the graduation ceremony. We drove the shares to their house in Chatham, said a quick hello and explained the drop off info and then hustled to Pine Plains High School for the last Eisen girls graduation. Beryl, my youngest sister looked beautiful and was awarded some great community scholarships to help offset the cost of college. It was a LONG ceremony (they always are!), and we left the high school at around 1:30pm. We booked it back home, fed and watered all the animals, cleaned up and headed to dinner at a restaurant in Poughkeepsie on the waterfront to continue celebrating. It was such a good day, long but excellent. Congrats Beryl!

Sunday, we processed 45 more chickens and then fell into bed. The same amazing volunteer that delivered our share this week also cooked us dinner that night. We have never been more grateful for a tupperware full of mac and cheese in our lives!

Hectic and busy and wonderful and trying, this week has had it all. I think the take away for me is that, now that I'm writing it all down, we have so many amazing people in our lives that are so thoughtful, gracious and talented. We're so lucky!

So that's what we've been up to. Next up: planting more lettuce, thinning some radishes and moving some bunnies out to pasture.

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