Friday, July 19, 2013

It's too hot, and everyone is cranky

It is 90 something here, and supposedly feels like over 100. How do we cool down? Ice pops, frozen seltzer slushies and lots of water. This heat means that we're checking on all the animals every couple of hours and changing hot water for cool. Extremes in weather are tough on the livestock.
This morning, one of our chickens came to the front porch looking for some shade. She hung out for a few minutes with the cat looking on, too hot to even notice really.
All in all it's just miserable out. We did as much prep as we could this morning for the CSA before it got above 85, but we will be picking the majority of the veggies in the pre dawn hours tomorrow morning. Hopefully the heat will break over the next day or so. Hope everyone is staying cool!

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