Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday on the Farm!

Fridays on the farm are always pretty hectic. We use each Friday to prepare for the Saturday share deliveries both on farm and in Albany.

While picking tomatoes this morning, we found my least favorite garden pest (from a gross out perspective) - the tomato hornworm. Have you ever seen one of these things? They are horrific. The stuff of nightmares.
They give me the creepy crawlies. Even sitting here typing I'm wigged out. SO GROSS!

After harvesting our veggies and packing shares, we stopped to check in on the newest farm babies, two litters of rabbits born about 2 weeks ago. 

I love when the rabbits are around 2-3 weeks old. Most things on the farm have a level of cute to them if you're into animals, but the rabbits as babies are cute by any standard. If I put one in a teacup I could upload it to Amazing. 

After snuggles(it's a perk of the job), we went to run the irrigation for the vegetables. It hasn't rained here in about a week, maybe more, and it doesn't look promising for any showers in the near future so we're running our irrigation sprinklers this weekend to hydrate the crops and make sure that the fall crops get to growing. We've planted a whole lot of root veggies for the winter share: turnips, carrots, beets and more!

Ejay running the sprinklers!

By that point it was time to do evening chores(because eating twice a day is a thing for our animals). For posterity, here are some photos of the pigs just after supper.

It's a rough life.

That's been our Friday! It's only about 4pm, so we're headed back out to the vegetable field to weed and do some more pest control. Hope you're enjoying your Friday! 

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