Friday, August 16, 2013

Rabbit for sale- paypal special!

Hi folks!

It's that time again, we're going to have a very limited number of rabbits for sale for folks outside of our CSA membership.

Whole rabbits are $30, half rabbits are $15. All of our rabbits raised on great feed, and out in pastured pens.

This sale is limited to paypal only, so you email us at, and then we send you a paypal invoice. Once you pay, your order is reserved. Rabbits will be delivered the first weekend in September to Albany during our regular pick up at All Good Bakers from 9-12. Local customers can arrange on-farm pick up during that same week.

If you've ever thought of trying rabbit- dive in! Farmer's market prices are much higher then our special and we feel pretty strongly that our growing practices make for wonderful flavor. Recipes and cooking tips are available!

Also, we've got some small batch tanned hides available for retail. For details on these gorgeous furs, send us an email.

BBQ braised rabbit, with fresh peas, smashed potatoes and beer bread!

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