Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Blitz


We spent two days this week helping our friend Hilary get her first batch of fall turkeys processed, and now are headed out to get some delicious fall crops harvested. Earlier in the week, we picked over 300 lbs of potatoes and our pigs are FINALLY headed to the butcher on Sunday!

Our batch of turkeys are outside, the barn and brooder are cleaned, and the fall crops in the lower garden plot are doing pretty well. We have a bunch of greenhouse work to do and it's about to be crazy canning season with a bumper crop of apples. We're hoping to team up with another neighboring farmer for some serious apple cider making in the next two weeks.

We're crazy busy, and promise a longer, more exciting update soon. And, soon it will be cold and winter out there and we will have much more time to share our thoughts with you all!

in the meantime, enjoy these quick farm pictures!

Kim's best goat impression

Fall flowers still blooming

These goats can't get enough hugs. 

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