Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Turkeys, Lambs and a little bit of farm economics

We woke up this morning and there is a notable chill in the air, we've been running the wood stove periodically, though I think it will be much more regularly from here on out. We spent the day yesterday putting up all new storm plastic in the greenhouse, and we'll be moving the straw bales in for planting in the next few days now that they have started decomposing and their internal temperature has evened out.

We are in a very good position on the farm in that we have sold out of thanksgiving turkeys already! We did cut back on our numbers this year, because we were worried about over taxing with the first round of piglets. We are so thankful that the turkeys have already been reserved, and also so glad so many folks have expressed interest in one this year! Though we are sold out, we would strongly recommend that you contact our farming colleagues at Mountain Brook Farm! Feel free to send us an email and we can pass you along to Hilary, who has plenty of turkeys and is a wonderful farmer.

We are however, taking deposits and orders for lamb in the spring! Our last batch of lamb was absolutely delicious, and we are excited to offer more in the spring. Lamb is raised on pasture and hay, with grain only used during the coldest nights and to help convince the lambs to move as we need them to. We will be bringing in some lambs in the next few weeks based on our pre-orders, and they will be ready in March or at the latest early April. Please email us at for an order form/details/pricing. Deposits will be $75 for a 1/2 lamb, and $125 for a whole lamb. Please act quickly if you want in, as we are likely to sell out!

Next year we will be greatly expanding our own sheep breeding stock, which will be very exciting! Baby lambs born on farm!

Folks have asked us why we need to take orders so early, and why we require deposits. The deposits and pre-orders help us defer the high costs of raising animals, and make sure we are growing based on our customer's needs. We wouldn't be able to provide the highest level of care throughout the seasons without taking deposits.

We are so fortunate to be selling out so quickly of products we are so happy to grow. And as time goes on, we look forward to offering much more! For now though, if you want in on anything, get in early!

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