Thursday, December 12, 2013

R'Eisen Shine Farm Extra Credit Opportunities

Hey folks!

We have some really fun things happening on the farm right now!

Firstly, we are teaming up with friend and fellow farmer Erika Tebbins to co-host a Makin' Bacon Class at the Honest Weight Food Co-Op on December 16th, from 6-8pm. It's a primer on how to cure pork belly at home to make the most delicious custom flavored bacon. It's easy once you have the know-how, you probably won't ever buy bacon again. Plus, you get to chill with some fun farmers and food enthusiasts. The cost is $30, includes a take-home lb of bacon. We only have 4 slots left for this class, and you need to sign up through the HWFC's page here.

Next up, holiday crafting is in full swing here, we no longer have a dining room table, instead we have a slew of gift-making supplies. And among the supplies are balls of our own beautiful wool (mixed w/a friend's alpaca) custom spun yarn. In the spring, we passed along our sheared fleeces to a friend, and she had them sent out with her alpaca fleece to make the most gorgeous yarn. And, it made a good amount of yarn, along with some nice roving for you spinners out there. If you are a yarn enthusiast, and want some of this R'Eisen Shine Farm sheep yarn, send us an email and we'll put you in contact with our friend Suzanne, who holds the goods. It's such nice yarn we're sending some to my grandma for Christmas- and that lady knows yarn after 40+ years of knitting.

Soon we will be announcing all of our share options for the year- and brace yourselves- this little farm is headed for some changes. The only thing that will really stay the same is that we will keep providing delicious and sustainable farm goods, year round.

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