Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year - New Deal

We welcomed in the new year with some of our closest friends, and fellow farmers. We left the farm in the evening, after everyone had been tended to and locked in for the night. Kim's younger sister and her boyfriend watched the place, keeping the stove hot and the dogs cared for. We were back in time for morning chores, but the few hours away were spent in good company celebrating the arrival of 2014.

January is a planning time of the year for our farm. We start ordering all of our supplies, contracting for feed orders and even setting out work plans. This year will be different then the last two, since the vegetable acres will be absorbed into pasture for the livestock. We will have a spring filled with fencing, baby chicks, and building more rabbit pasture pens. But for now, we will sketch our maps of rotational grazing, plan share contents, and continue to make delicious goods to include in our year-round share that runs through May. The greenhouse is hanging in pretty well, we have some nice baby greens that if we can help them survive through the reported -10 to -25 degree wind chills tonight, we will have some nice mid-winter greens.

We're in for a heck of winter snow storm today, and spent the morning preparing the animals to be buried in over a foot of snow and stay out of the cold. No doubt that there will be much work to keep everyone safe and happy once the storm blows through, but after the livestock rounds this afternoon we should be in good shape to weather it through. But this is what we expect in winter, the ebbs and flows of cold weather, keeping everyone protected the best we can and keeping ourselves close to the fire. We appreciate the winter, even when it creates a long to-do list.

As we are going through our planning stages, and hiding out from the cold winter winds- we also wanted to take the opportunity to offer something special for our next year's CSA season. If you can get 10 people signed up for ANY of our May-September meat shares, we will deliver to a location (within 2 hours from the farm) of your choice. Got a group at your work? Want to host a pick up at your house? Think your church would love to get a delivery? We'll go there- if you can get 10 folks to sign up with you. In addition, we will also give you a 5% discount on any of our shares (MBF beef/egg shares not included). So, you could get some of our delicious meat dropped at your door-stop, for a cheaper price- just for helping us spread the word and hosting the delivery.

If you have questions about this deal, just shoot us an email at It's a good day to catch us, we're inside all day!

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