Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter means....Meetings!

One of the things we don't often discuss on the blog is... the hard work of community collaboration, back-end business meetings, and small business development meetings... which are constant and continuous over the winter. Running a farm is also about looking for ways to build up your relationships with those in the area, working hard to improve where you live, and always looking at your strategic planning. Here is our week plan, as an example:

Today: Continue working on aspects of our collaboration with community members seeking to reopen our local general store. This is a HUGE project, and we're really excited to be integrating so many great local farm opportunities with the store re-launch. It's going to be amazing, and as soon as we can talk more about the details, you bet you'll hear all about it.

Tuesday: Exploring some additional land opportunities! And then, in the evening, Ejay is headed to the monthly Copake Farmland Protection Committee meeting, while Kim heads to a meeting with Cornell Cooperative Extension for local livestock farmers on the challenges associated with production in the area.

Wednesday: Feed run, and meeting with the feed mill to hopefully nail down all of our custom feeds for the next year.

Thursday: .... Another meeting! This time, it's an evening meeting of the zoning board to hopefully get the final approval for an improved slaughtering provision to allow for farmers to process their own poultry in the town of Copake.

We take our civic responsibility very, very seriously around here. And we really want to see the community that we live in, thrive. So even when we're tired, have cold weather to prep for, and a ton of farm work to do- we still have to attend meetings and contribute what we can. We're invested in sustainability all around!

While we're at meeting though, you should definitely check out our shares for next year, and SIGN UP!

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