Monday, February 3, 2014

Combining Forces- Lineage Farm Vegetable Shares now available in Capital Region!

We are pleased to announce another farmer collaboration for next year!

As many of you know, we have phased out our vegetable operation for next year... but we are SO excited to offer vegetable shares through fellow sustainable farmers Jon and Jen at Lineage Farm. Lineage Farm is a biodynamic vegetable farm in the Hudson Valley. They offer vegetable shares in Poughkeepsie and Brooklyn, and last year were gracious enough to offer our meat shares for their deliveries too.

Lineage Farm members can again pick up any of our meat shares at their drop off locations! 

We've expanded our partnership, and the good folks at Lineage have tailored a Capital Region share, available bi-weekly during our meat-share deliveries. If you want to check out Lineage Farm's good work, you can visit their website!

The Capital Region Share will be delivered bi-weekly on either a Tuesday or Wednesday evening (location to be confirmed shortly). Each delivery is sure to be packed with delicious, fresh vegetables- and to check out the specifics, Lineage has provided us with this brochure to share with you!

Bi-weekly pick ups of pork, chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, rabbit, eggs, and now vegetables- it's a pretty amazing opportunity!

Plus, when you work with us, you are supporting up to 3 local farms depending on which shares your choose- so you can really feel good about your purchases. You money is supporting small agriculture, AND getting you delicious products.

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