Friday, February 14, 2014

Digging Out

In order to get the chores done this morning, we had to shovel a path to the barns. Here is path number one... about 18 inches of snow overnight, if not a bit more. Farmers don't get snow delays! 


Unfortunately, though we made to the first barn, the second barn was still too far and too deep to avoid shoveling. See it in the distance? Hang on pigs, breakfast is coming!

The goats were no help at all. They decided to just stay in bed. 

So. you just have to start shoveling. 

And shoveling, and shoveling...

Eventually, we made it all the way out to the other barn. But someone else on the farm was greatly appreciating our hard work....

Rather intrepid, no?

She made it!

No big deal, just a few inches. 

It's a little tiring, getting everyone all set in this weather...

But we're still smiling... sheepishly... 

And enjoying the view!

Now, for some breakfast.

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