Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gorgeous Does seek Handsome Buck for long hay chews, maybe more

Two Young, Fit, wormed and vaccinated Alpine Cross Does seek companionship from a Buck in the next two weeks at a charming country home in the Hudson Valley.

The two ladies are best friends, about a year old, but need work in the diary industry, and thus are looking for the companionship of a Fellow for a month or so in these cold winter months.

They enjoy hugs, fresh hay, clean water twice daily (or else), left over Christmas trees, and screaming joyfully in the proximity of any human. Occasionally, they like long walks on a lead, for tree pruning and chicken harassment. They are very social, and have visitors often from school children and relatives.

The right Buck will be an Alpine or Boer cross, Obherhasli potentially. He will be mindful of electric fences, available immediately, and willing to stay for 4 to 6 weeks. Alternatively, the girls are interested in a romantic getaway for the same amount of time, though their presence would be sorely missed. Ideally, the Buck will have a history of success in his romantic endeavors, but no one will be ruled out for youth. 

In form of compensation, a small stud fee is available, or rights to any offspring can be considered.

To schedule a date with these two fine gals, or request further information- please contact the humans at: reisenshinefarm@gmail.com

Seriously though, if anyone has a buck- shoot us a message. 

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