Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

In between trudges to the barns to check on the animals, we managed to nap, watch t.v. and... plan our seed order!

We have been ordering from FEDCO seeds for a million years. Some folks are partial to Johnny's or other places, but something about that scratchy catalog, with it's wordy descriptions and hand drawings just hits the spot for me. Plus, I like knowing we're supporting a cooperative. We love the etchings in the rough paper journal so much they are framed on our wall. This year, with the transition out of the vegetable biz, we luxuriously skipped vegetables we know don't do well here, rather than struggling to find an alternative that may come through for the CSA. We focused on our favorites, bought things we didn't *really* need, but wanted to eat through the summer in copious amounts anyway. See ya later, peppers! Screw you, water melon! Hello, sweet, tomato after tomato... more kale please!

I think you know you have made the right choice in your business when the joy starts to come back, pushing the stress aside. Farming is never going to be easy, but it seems to us that by focusing on our successes- we are in for a much more enjoyable year. I can't wait to fall back in love with the garden. And, eat my weight in the prime products, rather than salivating while setting them aside for the CSA.

Of course, all of that will only come when the 18 inches of snow we're staring at are a distant memory...

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