Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Reasons to Join Our CSA

1. Taste! Our meat really is that good. We don't mean to brag...much- but the quality of our products can enhance any recipe. Chicken isn't bland, it's tender, sweet and earthy. Pork isn't just the 'other white meat', it's versatile, decadent, and flavorful. Turkey isn't just for thanksgiving- this turkey is juicy, savory and complex. Our lamb is rich, dark and succulent. And rabbit?! Not just a game meat, rabbit is such a treat, braising down to become this creamy, fall-off the bone, flavor bomb in your mouth.

2. Ethics! We are very focused on the life of all of our livestock. We do our best to mimic natural behaviors. All of our meat animals are raised on pasture, with regular rotational grazing. We do not transport our livestock off-farm for butchering, instead preferring to keep their stress levels minimal and using on-site practices. We source our feed from a local feed mill, who prioritizes freshness, quality, and supporting local grain farmers.

3.  Options and Convenience! Not only can you get 4 different share types from us, but you can add on eggs, beef and veggies from our partner farmers. Plus, it allows you to customize your share based on your needs. Love chicken and beef? Go with those two shares! Eat mostly veggies, but like a little meat? Get a Lineage Farm share and add on a monthly mixed-meat from us! With pick-ups collaboratively in Albany, Copake, Brooklyn, and Poughkeepsie- so many people have the opportunity to join in the fun.

4. Your Dollars Matter! By buying through us, you can support 3 local farms! Each of the operations is run by young farmers, seeking to bring back agriculture on a small scale, using smart healthy growing practices. We can't express enough how important our CSA support is. We are able to make sure that we don't drop our high standards through your deposits, and show just how much support there really is for sustainable agriculture. Did you know, the average age of a US farmer is over 55? Young farmers need to build their businesses, to ensure there is food for generations to come! Keep your money locally, and see how that improves your community!

5. Knowing Your Food! In an age where we constantly see news reports of misleading ingredients- even mislabeled meats, cancer-causing additives, overuse of antibiotics... you can ask us ANYTHING! We are here for you, to answer questions, give you the information you need to make informed decisions- and you can visit the source! We try to be transparent and informative. And we're always seeking to improve! We're not just focused on the bottom line, we're focused on quality, sustainability and community.

Convinced? Fill out your forms and get your deposit in today- and feel free to email us anytime with questions!

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