Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things just got a little easier...

This week, we were the grateful recipients of a VERY generous gift from my great Uncle Charlie....

this Farmall A. 

If you want to "nerd out" a little about the tractor, it was made from 1939 - 1947. My Uncle Charlie has an incredible collection of useful farm equipment, given that at 80 he still runs his own farm and his own contracting business. 

He sent this up to us yesterday, along with the wagon on the back. Last season, we had the help of our pickup truck to haul heavy loads of grain and water, but as of November the truck died. This amazing gift will allow us to keep the farm running, and save our backs from pain and suffering. 
Also, with the addition of the tractor, we're moving up on the timeline of our farming implements....from the 19th to the 20th century! It's like time travelling! 

Some days here it feels like we can't catch a break, but then you are offered a helping hand and it restores your spirit and gets you through the never ending winter that has returned today. 
Come on Spring, we've got new toys to play with! 

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