Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Streams

Well, it was a beautiful day yesterday. The sun was shining, we had our favorite little farm helpers on farm for spring break, and a to-do list a mile long. First on that list was expanding the meat-duck pen. We have them in an a-frame hut, situated across a spring stream. The pasture floods for 3-4 months during this time of year, creating a vibrant above ground stream where an underground spring runs yearly. We are raising some meat ducks for our use, and as a test-batch for future enterprises. We've had ducks for a year, first keeping them for eggs and entertainment. We like them, though they sure are messy.

The set up we have now is fairly ideal. We've fenced in a section of pasture directly through the stream, so the ducks have free access to water all the time, with space to waddle about. They're growing like weeds. We've been keeping them locked in a fence we used last season for small batches of chickens, but since they've gotten so big we took time yesterday to bump out their space. This video is the result.. pardon the sound of the blustery wind.


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