Saturday, July 5, 2014

Meat for Sale!

We are having a great summer, and have some really wonderful offerings for anyone looking to grill some locally grown, non-gmo, ethically raised meats. If you would like to order anything, let us know! We can arrange a convenient time on farm or we'll be in Albany this Wednesday, and can bring it you then. For those who would prefer to pay ahead, we now accept credit cards and can send you an invoice through square.

What's available:

Boneless Skinless Turkey Cutlets (12.50/lb, packages are usually about $7 each based on their weights. Approx 2 good size cutlets per package)

Turkey Drumsticks (7.50/lb) roughly 1lb packages (2 drumsticks)

Turkey Thighs (7.50/lb) roughtly 1.2lb packages (2 thighs)

Turkey Wings (7.00/lb) roughtly 1.5lb packages (2 wings)

RABBIT!! Whole, $30/each approximately 3.2lbs each

We still have 2 sides of pork available for our fall delivery date, for details on ordering a side of pork, check out this link. 

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