Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thanksgiving Turkey Orders

After pre-orders are filled, we will have a limited number of turkeys available at the Millerton Farmer's Market and the Kinderhook Farmer's market on 11/22. First Come, First Serve. Email us to be added to the waiting list. 

Yes, it's that time already- we're taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys! For those who have been eating the delicious summer birds, don't forget to pre-order your holiday feast! For those who haven't, but need a holiday bird- same to you! We will likely sell out, and getting your reservation in early helps us plan a delivery schedule and what size birds will be most popular. Our turkey is DELICIOUS. It's pastured and fed with our custom non-gmo feed, and we've been known to let the feathered friends get into some additional treats like watermelon and tomatoes. They live a wonderful life, and then they make a perfect holiday meal. 

The price per lb of our premium, sustainably raised turkey will range between $5.70 and $6.20. The final price will be available about three weeks before delivery, which is determined by the variable cost of feed. We will be doing our best to keep the cost on the lower end of the range. Turkeys will be delivered in the Capital District the week of Thanksgiving, or picked up on farm that same week. If you want us to consider an additional delivery location, contact us for our site minimums! Pick-Up Time/Dates will announced once we receive confirmation from our butchering partners of our scheduled processing.

Though we created this meme for our meat share- we still think it's pretty perfect for this time of the year too. 

To order a turkey, check out our online order form. 

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