Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Photos

A few snap shots of life, right now. The beauty here can't readily be captured by a photo, but they will have to suffice. I hope that even in our move, we never forget the views we've had the pleasure of enjoying here. Things on the farm are immensely hectic, but we are excited for the next phase! 

The field behind the house, on a walk with the pooches. 

Meet Kermit- our rent-a-stud. He's here to make more goats. Shown with Noelle. Fiona was busy snacking, you can see just part of her head behind the big boy. 

After the heavy rains, we put out some snacking and lounging hay. The piglets approve. 

Full bellies, warm sun. If only the paparazzi would get out of here! 

Autumnal glory

Little barn, you've served us well. 

Pumpkins we grew in the garden, about to turn into lanterns! Kim is ready! 

Never too old to carve a pumpkin! 

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  1. Got my t-shirt in the mail today and love it. Nice to wear something that you know is helping a good cause.