Monday, October 6, 2014

October Work

October is here and I could not be more thrilled. This time of the year makes me miss having horses more than any other, and I find myself day dreaming of the time when we are settled on the new farm and can explore bringing a team in. I'm not done with the weight of lines or the sound of hooves clacking along the worn farm paths.

The farm is quieter now that usual, we are winding down quickly this year, in preparation for the move. Plus, Kim is working off-farm so my days are spent mostly in solitary labor, chipping away at the mammoth to-do list. Preparing to move is overwhelming and we're trying to take it on in small increments. Plus, we are still in production mode, caring for holiday turkeys and finishing out the poultry season. The last of the CSA deliveries are in sight, and we're kind of in a holding pattern until we can assess what is possible in the turmoil of transition. Pork is stocked in customer's freezers, and we're taking orders for the next round. We'll be starting piglets here, and the moving them where we will finish them on the new acreage. The wheels of the farm can slow, but not stop completely. I can't wait until we can raise piglets born in our own barn, from our own sow. Even more so for lambs. We've decided to add a fall run of ducks, which is a little bit of a gamble, but the freezer isn't quite as stocked as we'd like, and duck would be nice to have available for the winter markets.

We had the great pleasure of heading over to the illustrious Hawthorne Valley Farm this Saturday, to speak to their Farm Beginnings Course on the importance to holistic planning, and our journey to where we are now. It was good fun to talk about our adventures, and also forced us to reflect on just how we got here. Life happens, but how often do you have to put in a power point in a way that will make sense to others?

The leaves are changing, and so is the wind. Mary, Aunt Pam, Olive and I stacked two cords at the new farm last week, and Mary and I will finish up a third on Wednesday. There is still the chimney to have installed, and some other repairs that need to happen. Winter will be challenging, but I feel better with two dry cords stacked in the wood shed, it's better than money in the bank. We're pushing starting the wood stove here as far as possible, instead putting on another pair of socks and a sweat shirt. Our focus is on preparing to settle elsewhere, and I kind of feel like a ghost in our current home. Here, but not. But not so far gone that I can't appreciate the beauty of the leaves changing on the mountain, I'll miss that view.

I guess feeling half-in-half-out is well suited for this changing season. It seems kind of poetic. But I can't dwell too long on that thought, there is work to be done. Time to get to it.

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