Thursday, December 11, 2014

Announcing the 2015 Meat Shares!

R'Eisen Shine Farm is a small farm, recently relocated to Washington County after operating in Columbia County on  leased land. We're transitioning to our new space, and expanding our products each season! We pride ourselves on raising livestock in an ethical manner, including doing our processing on-site. We use a freshly milled, non-gmo feed and a rotational grazing system. This means our livestock are out on pasture, and given plenty of space to roam and graze. The flavor on our meat is hard to beat, and if you have any questions, email us at any time!

Ok, so a brief primer for anyone who isn't in the know about what a 'share' is. We operate on a Community Supported Agriculture model, which means you purchase into the growing season ahead of time, and then get a monthly or bi-weekly delivery of farm grown products, based on availability and the growing season. This model allows you to get the best pricing on all of our meats, and allows us to better offset the costs associated with a small farm. It also lets you try a wider variety of what we grow!

We're starting deliveries early this year, with the first round coming in March and running all the way through September. That's two more months of meaty goodness. We're also offering a slightly different version of our shares this year, made to hopefully suit a variety of customer's needs.

Without further ado.... here are the 2015 Meat Shares from R'Eisen Shine Farm!

Small Monthly Meat Share
(March-September) 7 deliveries

What it contains:
6 chickens (may include chicken cuts- ie: legs/thighs, wings, breasts etc)
8.65-10lbs pork
5lbs of mixed turkey cuts
3lbs of lamb

SALE until 1/1/2015 $310 
After 1/1/2015 $320

Sample Delivery:
whole chicken
1lb sweet italian sausage
1 package of turkey cuts (wings, thighs, or drumsticks)

Large Monthly Meat Share

What it contains:
17-20lbs pork
10 chickens
8lbs turkey cuts
3lbs lamb
1 rabbit or duck (farmers choice)

SALE until 1/1/2015 $540 
After 1/1/2015 $560

Sample Delivery:
whole chicken
1lb sweet italian sausage
1-1.5lb ham steak
2 packages turkey cuts (wings, thighs or drumsticks)

Small Poultry Share

What it contains:
7 Chickens (may contain chicken cuts ie: wings, breasts, leg/thigh)
5lbs turkey cuts

Sample Delivery:
whole chicken
1 package turkey cuts (wings, thighs or drumsticks)

SALE until 1/1/2015 $180 
After 1/1/2015 $190

Large Poultry Share
8lbs turkey cuts
14 Chickens (may contain chicken cuts ie: wings, breasts, leg/thigh)

Sample Delivery:
2 whole chickens
1 package turkey cuts (wings, thighs or drumsticks)

SALE until 1/1/2015 $350 
After 1/1/2015 $370

Culinary Quest Add-On Package 
(The following included in two installments during the course of the regular delivery season, scheduled dates TBD by February 15th)
2 Ducks
2 Rabbits
5lbs Goat
2lbs Liver (pork and/or chicken)

SALE until 1/1/2015 $200 
After 1/1/2015 $210

Delivery Information:

We are still confirming our delivery locations, largely because we are in the process of applying for farmer's markets for the season, which will impact our drop offs. We plan to have the following drop-off locations:

Schaghticoke (our new farm!) 

Remember, pick-up is only once a month, so it's not a huge commitment of time to make a pick up, regardless of where we end up! 

If you want us to consider adding an additional delivery, please let us know. We're open to adding locations for a minimum of 10 shares to be picked up. It's only once a month- so consider hosting us at your business, church, or gym! 

If you're ready to place your order, head over to our ordering page! Don't forget, you order is not complete without payment. For those who need it, financial assistance is available, more info when you place your order!

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