Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Turkeys gone out to pasture

Each year, we take on the monumental task of processing our flock of non-gmo, pastured, beautiful turkeys for your holiday meals. Each year, this is one of the hardest and most fulfilling days of the season. You are taking these proud animals and turning them into someone's center piece. It is cautious work, and work we couldn't do without help. We know not everyone can participate, but we can't express our gratitude for those who do. And for those who buy those turkeys, and help us keep our farm going. This year, we had the great pleasure of Rebecca Busselle joining us, she's putting together a short docu-film on our turkey process. She sent over these photos for us to share with you, we know they aren't all savory, but they are all honest and beautiful for what they represent. We take the utmost precautions in our preparations, and make sure everything is done with care and safety. In 13-14 hours we completed our task, with frozen fingers and sore muscles. Hours later we delivered nearly all of them, and then they were lovingly prepared by our customers. The work is so intense, but the reward of a job well done is also unmatched. Some of the photos are a bit graphic, so if you can't bare witness, check back another day.

Most importantly, thanks again to Rebecca for providing them, and to each and every volunteer with sacrificed their time, body heat and a full day to help us get this done. From frozen hoses, to a stubborn tractor, to a cold, cold wind, to scalder issues- we only it made it through because of your help. Thank you.
Sunrise on turkey processing day, deceptively cold. 
Turkeys after a tractor ride
Turkeys in the wagon, parked a bit away from the action to keep them calmer. 

Peter, from Ten Barn Farm, cleaning feathers

Peter intensely focused

Kim warms her hands while refilling water
Ejay cleaning each bird methodically

Mary, reading orders and preparing each label

James, carrying a turkey to the processing station


Peter and Erika cleaning birds

Kate packs a finished turkey at Quality Control
Kate examines her fine work

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