Monday, February 2, 2015


Today the farm is a swirling, twisted blanket of winter. There are knee high drifts and patches of ice and the roads are quiet. To do chores we have to wear our warmest gear and keep your face towards to the ground in order to trudge through. You would think it would make for grouchy and overtired farmers, but I really don't mind. 

The animals are tucked up safe in their barns, full of breakfast and with fresh bedding. The snow covers manure, bare earth and dead grass. Everything is sparkling and even as we are coated from nose to toes in frost you can't help but feel lucky for the view. Back inside the heat and coffee are all the more welcome. The appreciation for comfort is all the greater for the simple struggle of completing chores. It takes twice as long to do anything and you have to work at least twice as hard. We go through more supplies, but damn does that bacon taste good once you are done. 

Snow days are often the only time when the whole modern culture agrees it's ok to slow down and admit we are part of the natural world. Not everyone, but enough that it almost closes the gap between the way we live, ruled by nature and in constant preparation mode- and basically the rest of everyone. It's nice, to feel a little less alone in our storm prep and weathering. 

Of course, in between the slow bucket March through the snow and defrosting, we still have plenty to do. There is south planning, organizing and ordering to ensure a successful season. And best to do it now, before the sun is high and we are in full production mode- which is only a few weeks away. 

Speaking of, we are so incredibly grateful  for the number of people who have bought shares (plenty more available), sent us notes, or contributed to our Kiva loan (60% there!), we are only as strong as the community who supports us. We may only have the snow days in common in our daily routines, but it's amazing to feel that the work we do matters. Happy snow day! Enjoy that hot cup after your shoveling, you'be earned it. 

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