Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter WOD

The winter WOD (workout of the day)!


Hopscotch through bottle feeding goat kids who have taken up residence in your mudroom. 
Do this while avoiding poop hooves bc you are still in pjs Bc it's 7am and they won't stop screaming while you have coffee. Repeat 3x daily. 

Strength training:
Shoulder carry 30lb shavings bale from the back of van to the barn, up a 45 degree hill of about 200ft, in knee high snow drifts where your snowblower path used to be. Repeat with 100lb feed bag. 

Haul hay bales through the barn, pop open. Shoulder push through the back door barricaded by snow (again). Fill 2 five gallon buckets with hog grain, balance the hay under your arm and take a flying leap off the loading dock to back paddocks. 

Dodge 8 giant pigs after high stepping over the electric fence, with buckets above hog head height in your race to the troughs. Sprint! 

Feed 2 smaller pigs in their own pen while restraining pregnant goats by simultaneously flinging hay in their general direction.  Repeat 2x daily. 

 Fill 6-8 five gallon buckets with water down at the house and load up plastic sleds with three buckets each. Pull each of the sleds up the hill to the barn like a pack mule, and attemp to fill watering buckets without drenching livestock. Repeat 3-4 times daily.

Shuffle slowly through the ice skating rink where your farm road use to be, to the hen house to collect eggs and feed hens. 

Cool down:
Feed all rabbits and carry a crate with their frozen water bottles down to the wood stove to defrost. Return defrosted bottles promptly. Repeat 2x daily. 

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  1. That's quite a workout! :) I don't imagine it will get much easier with spring or summer, either. I'd love to see some pictures of the goats.