Monday, May 11, 2015

Jack of All Trades

Want to know a little about everything? Become a farmer!

You will have crash courses in veterinary sciences, livestock care, breeding/birth, dairy, business management, carpentry, mechanics, customer service, multi-tasking, plumbing, electrician services, butchering, food safety and preparation, plant identification.... and so much more! 

And, maybe, you could do it here! We have an internship opportunity- it's tailored for a student who could earn credit for their work here. It is NOT an apprenticeship, yet. The right person could be offered a paid position based on their summer work. Check it out! 

R’Eisen Shine Farm Internship Description and Application

Mission of R’Eisen Shine Farm:
The mission of R’Eisen Shine Farm is to provide healthy and sustainable meat to local community members and to educate and promote the wellbeing of people and the planet. All of our livestock is pasture raised, using non-gmo feed and the highest standards of care.

R’Eisen Shine Farm is located on 48.5 acres, within a short drive of both Saratoga and the Capital Region. We have Hudson River access, so there are plenty of opportunities to swim/boat in the off time.

Internship description:

Internship positions at R’Eisen Shine Farm provide the opportunity to participate in the operations of small, sustainable farm. You get to observe, ask questions, and participate in all of the general activities that keep the farm alive and growing. But this is not an internship for everyone. It requires dedication to hard work 4 days a week. The goal of our internship program is to empower individuals to start producing their own food by providing basic skills and hands-on learning. Ideal candidates are dedicated, self starters who take direction well and have a strong interest in small scale agriculture. Ideal candidates also have confidence working with animals. A willingness to assist with the harvesting of livestock (butchering) is required. At the end of your internship, we hope you will have confidence in basic livestock care, farmer’s market preparation, processing poultry, and an introduction to small business management.

Dates of Internship: Mid-May through late-August (dates somewhat flexible). Possibility of employment post-internship.

Schedule: Thursday-Sunday (4 days a week) 6:00am-4:00pm with 1 hour lunch. Lunch is provided for interns.

Daily Schedule will vary but expect the following:
Livestock rounds (feed/watering), processing poultry, preparing CSA shares, working various Farmers Markets, building/repairing fences, barn cleaning and other farm duties as required.


A valid driver's license is required.

You must provide your own personal transportation to and from the farm.

There is no smoking in the farmhouse.

Ability to work on weekends and evenings.

Ability to lift/carry a minimum of 60lbs.

Please submit the following information, along with a resume and 3 character references via email to R’Eisen Shine Farm at


Are you available for the full internship from Mid-May through late-August?


  1. Why are you interested in R’Eisen Shine Farm and this internship opportunity?

  1. What previous experience are you bringing to this position and what practical skills do you hope to acquire?

  1. What are your personal goals related to food and agriculture?

  1. We raise animals for meat on the farm. What is your perspective on the role animals play on a small farm?

  1. Do you have any allergies, food restrictions, or other limitations that might affect the ways in which you live in a rural setting and do farm work?

  1. Please tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, pastimes, travels, etc.)

  1. What is your favorite vegetable?

  1. Why are you interested in learning how to process small livestock for meat consumption?

  1. How would you describe your learning style, auditory, visual, tactile (show me) or some combination?

  1. What does the word ‘resourceful’ mean to you?

Thank you for sharing this information with us. We will be in touch with you regarding a telephone interview if we think you would be a good match!

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