Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Farm Photo Update!

I thought it was about time we did a little showing around the place, we are behind (always) in what needs to be done- but it's still shaping up, albeit slowly.

Here sits the tractor. It's needed a repair for weeks. But, it's very possibly something we will have to pay to have done, and it just hasn't made the list yet. 
The rabbits are quiet and mostly very good. We had kind of a slow breeding season, but the ones we have had all are doing well. 

In any free hour, I will be found running fencing. It's one of the largest expenses we have, but we bought our cedar posts in bulk so I can at least drive those and make improvements as we can.

The doelings we are keeping for breeding are growing quite well. Here is little Blanche, munching on unmowed pasture. We let the pastures grow so that when we graze them, they last longer. Also, it's better for the bees. 

Fiona (the big girl), Raja, Blance's butt in the background, a door they broke off of their shade hut, Margo (almost directly in front of Fi) and little no name buckling (meat production guy)

The summer turkeys are grazing on pasture 

Raja. If you don't fall in love, you're probably heartless. 

The escapee piglets are still in the barn, though I'm thinking they will go out this week. We're hoping electric netting will do the trick, but all fencing is a gamble with piglets. They are clearly not wanting for much, though. 

Swanson, always watching, always a joy. 

Just a little left to fence (sigh)

A little farm geek photo- this is how green the pasture is after grazing. Responsible farming is GOOD for the grass! 

So. Many. Goats. 

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