2016 Meat Shares!

2016 Meat Shares are Officially Available!

R'Eisen Shine Farm is a small diversified livestock operation in Washington County, situated directly on the Hudson River. We pride ourselves on raising livestock in an ethical manner, including doing our processing on-site. We use a freshly milled, non-gmo feed and a rotational grazing system. This means our livestock are out on pasture, and given plenty of space to roam and graze. The flavor on our meat is hard to beat, and if you have any questions, email us at any time!

Abrief primer for anyone who isn't in the know about what a 'share' is. We operate on a Community Supported Agriculture model, which means you purchase into the growing season ahead of time, and then get a monthly delivery of farm grown products, based on availability and the growing season. This model allows you to get the best pricing on all of our meats, and allows us to better offset the costs associated with a small farm. It also lets you try a wider variety of what we grow!

Deliveries will begin in May!

Without further ado.... here are the 2015 Meat Shares from R'Eisen Shine Farm!

Monthly Mixed Meat Share
(End of May-September) 5 deliveries

What it contains over the course of the season:
4 chickens (may include chicken cuts- ie: legs/thighs, wings, breasts etc)
6-8lbs pork
5lbs turkey cuts
3-4lbs goat or lamb (farmer's choice)
1 rabbit or duck (farmer's choice)

Share Price: $260
Order by 1/31/16 and save $10!

Sample Share: 1 package of chicken legs and thighs, 1 package breakfast sausage, 1 package of turkey thighs, 1 package lamb chops
*Shares are largest during peak production in late-summer!! Folks who need more meat are strongly encouraged to purchase multiple shares. There is a 15% discount for anyone who buys more than 1 of either share.

Poultry Share
(End of May-September)

5lbs turkey cuts
10 Chickens (may contain chicken cuts ie: wings, breasts, leg/thigh)
Each share will contain 2 chickens per pick up (or the same weight in cuts) and then in July turkey cuts are added.

Share Price: $250
Order by 1/31/15 and save $10!

Pick Up Locations:
*remember pick up is only once a month and you are welcome to send a representative
Albany (exact site will be announced mid-April, but will be a weeknight pick up between 5-7pm)
Cambridge Valley Farmer's Market
Sundays between 10-2
If you're ready to place your order, head over to our ordering page! Don't forget, you order is not complete without payment. This year, all shares must be completed using our credit card order process. Thanks for understanding!

We are a proud sponsor of Albany All Stars Roller Derby. So if you are a league member- we will be doing a special sign-up for you with a league discount. Please contact Dottie Damage for details!! 

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