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R'Eisen Shine Farm was founded in 2011 by Ejay and Kimberly Eisen, after finally finding the right plot of land through the Columbia Land Conservancy's Farmer Land Match Program. In its first seasons, Ejay and Kim imagined the farm to be a year-round CSA model- and operated under that structure for 2 years. After working some VERY challenging soil, we switched to focus on undoubtedly our favorite products- livestock! R'Eisen Shine Farm grows meat. Really, really good meat. After the switch, we became firm in our decision that this type of farming was our passion. On this blog, you'll read a lot about how and why we chose farming, but feel free to ask us questions, too!

Kim and Ejay both spent close to 10 years as vegetarians, so they take livestock care very seriously. We use a low-stress environment, constantly monitoring all of the critters to try and match nature as closely as possible. We feed a locally milled, non-gmo grain, along with a rotational grazing program. We do not ship our livestock off-farm for processing. We believe strongly that keeping an environment as low-stress as possible, especially during processing time is the way to honor our work, animals and preserve flavor. Instead, all of the poultry are process on-site, and we even have a custom butcher come to the farm for our pork, lamb, and goat. In 2015 we will be adding our own state-inspected poultry processing facility so we can better keep up with demands for our delish chickens, turkeys and rabbits.

In 2014, we worked with Dirt Capital Partners to acquire our new location, with 48.5 acres in Easton, NY. This is a huge move for us, and will allow us to become the farm we've always imagined, starting in 2015! There's a lot more to our story, we hope you'll enjoy reading our blog posts about the farm shenanigans!

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