The Gobble- A Short Film Featuring Our Farm!

We mentioned previously that we were fortunate enough to have Rebecca Busselle filming our Thanksgiving turkey processing this year. Rebecca and I met over the summer, at the farmers market in Millerton. When she proposed the idea of making this short film, we agreed without reservation because we trusted Rebecca to show the honest and visceral nature of our work, in a way we could share. She has certainly gone far beyond our expectations.

We are excited to share the film Rebecca made (The Gobble) but it's also a little nerve wracking. We know that as a livestock farm, people know we grow meat. But our culture is radically removed from the harvest of livestock for food. So to open up that process for our farm through visual media leaves us vulnerable in a new way. We are honest about farm life on the blog, but this is a visual honesty beyond that. We are sharing it because we believe in the work, and because we want people to be closer to their food- to understand the breadth of the tasks. 

The film is not overly graphic but it does portray the processing of turkeys, each step. So please be aware of that before you watch it. But if you eat meat, do consider watching it. The way we do things here is drastically different then a commercial slaughterhouse. And it is work we stand behind. 

Thank you Rebecca, for this. We are honored to share it.

Now, without further ado...

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